About Jeff

Hi, I'm jeff van Steijn. A designer from the Netherland and currently UI/UX designer at design studio: Yummygum. I'm passionated by easy to use and good looking digital products. I believe that great design is needed to build trustworthy digital experiences.

Besides my enthusiasm for digital design, I'm also a lover of football. As an amateur player and supporter. Every week I simply cannot wait to enter the field with the team. As a supporter, I love following the Eredivisie, National Team and dutch football players abroad. Next to real-life football, I'm also a "trained" foosball player ;). As a member of the Yummygum squad, I train my skills daily, so if you have a table in your office? I'm ready to take it for a spin.

During the weekends I love to hang out with friends, try out different beers, and of course, play football (as I mentioned above). During vacations, I'm likely exploring Europe by car, joined by my De Waard tent and girlfriend as pictured below.

de waard tent

Enough about me, If you want to know more, you can send me a direct message on Twitter or Linkedin, thanks for visiting my website!